Butter Chicken Shack - Concept Note

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck. Freshly Plucked. Butter and Chicken, America’s two most coveted ingredients get a whole new avatar at our casual and fun turf where we believe all things bird taste better buttered up! A melting pot of two distinct cultures that celebrate food and its rich diversity, Butter Chicken Shack announces its arrival at the windy city in a format never experienced before. So, grab your gang and order in your favourites (albeit with a twist) for your next football tailgate!

Belle Fleur - Concept Note

As the Earth renews itself to envelope the surface in green bowers and blossoming buds, take a solitary walk through nature to enter a dreamscape where Spring colours come to life. Just as the onset of a season marks the end of another, the six-petal rosette celebrates new beginnings. Infusing a fresh spirit of optimism in jewel tones, Belle Fleur is handcrafted 18 karat gold and certified diamond jewellery that goes from bar to boardroom.

Product Descriptions for KONZUK

In a world subject to constant unrest and divide, the Unity Loop 25 bracelet reinforces the optimistic view of unity. Designed for changemakers and aesthetes, the concrete pillar sits vertically atop a black braided nylon rope emoting the designer’s outlook “​we are stronger together​” in a contemporary fashion accessory that lasts for years to come. Choose between natural or black tinted concrete. Available in three wrist sizes.

Niara Teas | Brand Note

Nischint describes the Niara Morning Blend as a woman in her 20s or 30s, exuberant, lively and health-conscious. She loves spending time in open spaces, closer to nature as she absorbs the fragrances of the flowers while observing the sun-kissed leaves. If you often get caught up in a mental vortex of thoughts, this Morning Blend acts as a de-stress companion, softly guiding you back in your state of joy. Loaded with antioxidants and a host of other health benefits, the blend uses Cinnamon, Tulsi and Rose that helps improve your metabolism and boosts skin health.

A Magnifique affair by Rajdeep Ranawat

Art prints, fine embroidery and Swarovski Crystals exude brilliance in Rajdeep Ranawat’s Autumn-Winter 2017 collection – ‘Versailles’. Inspired by the opulence of the Chateau de Versailles, the designer has created a collection that caters to every woman, within which he adds rich hues that symbolize the French fashion of that bygone era. The use of Swarovski crystals intricately marries luxury and style beautifully.

adidas Faster Than - Press Release

In an attempt to forge a gender-equal world this International Women’s Day, adidas launched its latest campaign “Faster Than” that empowers women across all fields and ages to celebrate sport in their daily lives. Bringing together real women, influencers and athletes on this momentous occasion, adidas gives ‘Fast’ a new meaning -- a transformative feeling of self-betterment. Fast is personal, and no matter what your choice of sport, it's all about asking yourself “What are you faster than?”

Manish Arora designs for Swarovski Kristallwelten

Come spring, the stages and windows at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal World) will be adorned with exclusive displays by renowned Indian designer Manish Arora. An expression of the motto “Life is Beautiful”, the art spaces at three locations in Austria – Wattens, Innsbruck and Vienna will epitomize happiness, joy, and glorious celebration. The visually enticing installations aim to transport the guests into a glamorous fantasy world of vivid flowers, birds, animals, sweet temptations and exotic landscapes.

The Egon Series – Artistry meets craftsmanship

Inspired by the early works of legendary Austrian painter, Egon Schiele, the collection projects the beauty of nature. Schiele’s work progressed from Art Nouveau to Expressionism where a sentiment or mood was expressed through artwork and not physicality. His art transpires into jewels that fit varied moods ranging from within the city to serene holiday destinations. The Egon and Acrot prints bring flamboyance to the designer-duo’s modern progressive collection.

Pernia Qureshi's sparkling jewelry debut

Pernia Qureshi, a front-runner in the fashion industry with her edgy yet feminine style, makes her debut in the jewelry space with Interstellar. Light, airy & symbolic of the stars in the night sky, her exclusively designed jewelry line for CONFLUENCE sparkles with Crystals from Swarovski. The collection is an assemblage of celestial elements wherein starry shapes find their way into the fine jewelry lines, marrying the scattered and clustered Swarovski crystals with orbital rings.

Imago by OUTHOUSE – A journey within

‘Imago’ parallels the transformation that occurs in the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, with the change in psyche and growth in consciousness that takes place within a human being in his/her lifetime. Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we (human beings) are patiently waiting to be transformed into the best versions of our being (butterfly). Drawing energy from the incredible power that resides within us, the collection is evocative of the caterpillar’s transformation with each design exhibiting the highest levels of craftsmanship.